The Physician

Der Medicus-Das Musical

The Physician
(El Medico)

Der Medicus - Das Musical


Based on the best-selling novel ‘The Physician’ by Noah Gordon

Music by Ivan Macias

Book and Lyrics by Felix Amador

English Translation by Tim Clarke

Hailed by the critics as ‘Best Musical of the Season’, El Medico garnered a further 5 awards at the Sparte-Musik Theatre Awards and 11 Broadway World Audience Awards (including Best Musical).

After two successful seasons in Madrid, and having been seen by over 250,000 enthralled musical theatre fans, the third season and subsequent Spanish tour commenced in December 2021, featuring internationally-renowned musical theatre stars.



Casting Informationen: 
  • ROB: male main lead, young man, apprentice physician (G2-A4)
  • YOUNG ROB: (ca. 9): son of Agnes, later apprentice to the Barber (F3-D4b)
  • MARY CULLEN: female main lead, daughter of a Scottish sheep trader (F3-B5b)
  • BARBER: Itinerary Barber Doctor, takes YOUNG ROB into training when he becomes an orphan. B2-F4 (falsetto to C5)
  • AVICENA: famous Persian physician and philosopher who becomes Robs mentor (F2-C4)
  • THE SHAH: ruling tyrant over Isfahan (E3b-B4b)
  • QUANDRASSEH: Vizier of the Shah (G2-C4)
  • MIRDIM:student of Avicenna (C3-E4)
  • KARIM: student of Avicenna (C3-A4)
  • AGNES: Robs mother (G5b-E4b)
  • FRITTA: leader of the caravan (D2-E4b)
  • MERLIN/MEIR: jewish physician. B2-A5b (D6b)

Ensemble: Londoners, caravan travellers, prostitutes, students, soldiers...

  • Soprano: B3b-A5b
  • Alto: B3b-D5b
  • Tenor: G2-G4
  • Bass: G2-D4

In a dark and mysterious 11th century London, young ROB J COLE’s life abruptly changes on the day he becomes an orphan, when he discovers that he possesses a rare gift: he can predict death.

Taken on as an apprentice by BARBER, a travelling barber-surgeon who roams England peddling quack remedies, ROB discovers life, discipline and the constant desire for learning.

At the age of nineteen, a Jewish doctor tells ROB of a far-away land, Persia, where there is a medical school run by the greatest physician there has ever been, AVICENA.

ROB embarks on a journey of adventure, travelling halfway around the word in his desire to become a doctor. On the way, while part of a caravan travelling across the desert, ROB meets MARY, a young Scottish woman who will later remind him of his origins and will determine his future plans.

Once in Isfahan, things are not easy for ROB - the fact that he must pretend to be a Jew in order to study and his uneasy friendship with the capricious SHAH, who is fascinated by ROB. ROB soon becomes AVICENA’s master-student, but a plague, a war and the despotic SHAH threaten ROB’s life.

Only friendship, his calling and love enable him to survive.


Noah Gordon, the original author of the best-selling novel, ‘THE PHYSICIAN’ wrote the following about the new musical adaptation:
‘I’m hearing my book! The emotion present in my novel has been brought to the stage by this wonderful music.  It is a great honour for me to invite you to join me on a journey through a remarkable musical world, the powerful and beautiful and mighty musical theatre version of THE PHYSICIAN. With his symphonic music, IVAN MACIAS has found the lifeblood of my novel. His work and the outstanding singers bring a new energy and freshness to my characters and story. From the printed page, a breathtaking musical rebirth has come into being for the stage. FELIX AMADOR had the task of combining the distinctive text with Ivan’s creative work. I am very grateful to him for writing a stage adaption that is remarkably true to my novel and I hope that my readers will be drawn to his script, as they were to my novel. I am incredibly grateful to this team for their creative genius, as well as to the performers and the orchestral musicians. They have made it possible for us to see my story on stage and hear it through glorious, beautiful sounds! I wish you all a wonderful experience!’

Deutsches Theater München, Blickpunkt Musical, 2023:
‘But above all, it is Christoph Weyers’ innovative and imaginative production design that establishes the framework in which the multi-faceted events unfold. With astonishing scene changes, the internationally-renowned set designer repeatedly creates new spaces and visions, and, just when we might think that all theatrical methods and tricks have been exhausted, Weyers surprises us yet again with breathtaking moments of magic when, for example, before our very eyes, the Shah’s glittering palace appears as if transported directly from One Thousand and One Nights. And not forgetting the way Weyers displays his masterful skill in the use of lighting and projection…Bravo!’

Deutsches Theater München, Der Kulturblog, 21.Oktober 2023:
"THE PHYSICIAN’ – a magical journey of music and medicine that touches the heart and captivates the senses.’  ", PETER STOLIČNÝ, 28. Oktober 2022:
"Das Ergebnis ist ein in jeder Hinsicht vollständiges Werk […]. Das Stadttheater Brünn hat wieder ein weiteres Musical, das man im übertragenen Sinne als "großes Kino" bezeichnen kann.", Jaroslava Štěpaníka, 29. Oktober 2022:
‘It has been a long time since the audience in this auditorium has seen such a colourful, resplendent and magnificent set design as the one created here by Christoph Weyers and his efficient team.  In the audience, you really felt as if you yourself were a guest in the sumptuous palace of the Shah, where, among other things, a large chessboard on the ground caught the eye, upon which women from the harem gracefully moved the pieces on the instruction of the ruler.  Following the hero on his journey to his long-dreamed-of and noble goal kept the audience captivated from beginning to end.  In large part due to the cleverly designed set, there was not a single moment of the production that dragged.’, Josef Meszáros, 31. Oktober 2022:
"Christoph Weyers' Bühnenbild ist wieder eine der großen künstlerischen Leistungen. Seine Arbeit mit der Projektion von Petr Hloušek ist hervorragend […]. Die Darbietungen, das Bühnenbild, die Musik und das Thema selbst sind sehr stark. Der Regisseur Stanislav Moša hat wieder einmal bewiesen, dass er mit Kunst heilen kann. Er bietet große und breite Themen an, aber gleichzeitig kann er alles auf kleinen Geschichten aufbauen."


  • World Premiere: Oktober 2018, Theater „Nuevo Apolo“, Madrid
  • Spanien-Tour: Premiere am 22.12.2021, Cartuja Center CITE, Sevilla
  • 22.10.2022, Stadtheater Brno, Brünn
  • German Premiere: 20.10.2023, Deutsches Theater München
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